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PRIZM Scam Review – Scam or Not?


Sep 14, 2016 By Jasmine Webb- 12 Comments

When I first saw the online ad for PRIZM tech, I thought it looked vaguely familiar. It took me a moment before I realized that I had actually seen this software before, some 7 odd years ago. Back then, the world of Binary Options trading was incredibly niche and hadn’t yet caught the mainstream success it currently enjoys.

So when PRIZM first hit the scene, it stood out like a sore thumb, and while I had heard good things about it, by the time I had decided to test it out for myself, it had already vanished from the market place like some Houdini.

Fast forward to the present, where the investment landscape is polluted with so many trash products that I can’t help but feel suspicious towards ANY new binary trading software that crops up out of the blue, like an endless field of weeds. Yet as I watched PRIZM’s video presentation, I immediately noticed a lot of encouraging differences. For one, PRIZM is probably the only software I’ve seen that is upfront about the costs of investing. Most sham software heavily advertise the fact that the software is free and exclaim to “put your wallet away.” They neglect to explain that in order to use their “free” software you need to invest in a trading account first. PRIZM is the ONLY video that is upfront about the costs and risks of trading, the requirement of having the money necessary to fund an account, and to be realistic with expectations of potential profits.

PRIZM is upfront about the costs of trading, the management of unrealistic expectations, and the ability to predict the volatile market. All of these are good signs, but the real question here is – does the software deliver?


After funding my account with BinaryBrokerz, I immediately sat down and began placing manual trades. One of the nice features PRIZM has is the ability to adjust the signal strength so that only high prediction trades show up. The feature isn’t really unique, and most sham softwares furnish it as well, but I decided to try it anyways and moved it up to 80%.

I ended up using and testing PRIZM for 5 days, and placed 135 trades in that time span. Given that the markets are closed on the weekend, that is roughly the equivalent of a full week’s worth of trading. Out of the 135 trades placed, PRIZM correctly predicted 101 of them, which is an accuracy of 75%. While this number might be slightly short of the 78% claimed in their promotional video, the fact that it was this consistent and reliable is honestly nothing short of amazing. I funded my account initially with $500; by the end of the 5 days I was able to grow my account to $6,392.64. The withdrawal process took 9 days from request to entering my bank account.


I definitely recommend PRIZM. The software worked well for me, the consistency was above what I expected, and is easy and simple enough to use to make extra income from home, providing you have the necessary funds to invest.

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