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Orion code scame review… Scam or legit?

Before you do anything, don’t fall for the Orion Code scam, read our full review first to understand why you should stay far away from Edward Robinson and his scam system that will just take your hard-earned money. We pride ourselves on the honesty of our reviews and that we provide valuable information about products that our readers can rely on every time. We have been asked numerous times about the orion code software, and if it is legit or not, so we are going to put the truth out there for everyone to see, and save you some money in the long run.

The Orion Code sales pitch begins with a long, dull presentation that tells the story of the supposedly super rich Edward Robinson, who has developed an astonishing piece of software unlike anything else on the market today. He claims that it will provide you with between $10,000 and $100,000 in just one day. Yes, one day. The more he went on, the more it started to sound like so many other supposedly miracle systems, that turn out to be nothing of the sort. Interestingly, this one copies almost exactly another of these, the Quantum Code system that was marked as a scam a while ago.

In a crowded market, they probably think no one would notice it’s just a copy of that previous system, sadly, they are probably right for a lot of people, but we take notice of scams, so not us. Maybe they are just copying because it costs them less that way, who knows? What is clear is they simply hired some cheap actors and used the script from that old video, so who can take their system seriously after that!? The trouble is, scams like in always dupe someone, and they are usually good people who work hard and are just trying to make a little extra, that is why we take the trouble to find out what is behind these offers. We want everyone to be safe and get to enjoy the real opportunities that binary trading can bring.

Back to the video, it begins with the image of Mr Robinson stood next to an expensive private jet, his assistant ready to jump at his next request, an exact copy of the beginning of the Quantum Code of course. Throughout the video he talks about how Forbes has written a profile on him, how much he gives to charity, that he is known as the “Wall Street Wizard” and the “Millionaire Trader”, which you may expect from these kinds of videos. Except in this case every word is a lie, and that is no longer funny. No one at Forbes has ever heard of Edward Robinson, no social media mentions of the “wall street wizard”, no interviews with the “millionaire trader”, nothing at all. This is a software that has been making all this money since 2006, indeed they claim the software has made over $1 billion, and no one has mentioned it anywhere, not once?

It ticks all the boxes you expect from a scam, the countdown of the number of VIP spots left (fake), the counter showing the number of people on the page (fake), and the number of millionaires the system has made so far (fake). Robinson refers to the ‘Orion Speed’ technology that is behind the miraculous performance of the system, how there is 100% winning trades, with no losses, ever, and people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars right now. If you actually step back and listen to what is being said rather than be caught up in the hype, it is obviously a load of nonsense that cannot possibly be true.

Now, you may ask how I can be so positive that this is a scam and will empty your trading account, so let us start at the beginning, it has made $1 billion since it started in 2006. Binary trading only became available in 2008, so what was it doing those 2 missing years? It is clearly a lie. Looking at the domain registration for the orioncode.com website, it was purchased not in 2006, not even in 2008, but on 2016-09- 12. Oh dear.
This is nothing more than a fabricated bit of software developed by scammers who just want to steal from you. There is nothing worthwhile in the package at all, no magic profits, no lossless trades, just empty promises and lies. There are so many better alternatives available that offer a real opportunity for everyone, including the proven and successful Snap Cash software, you can see our honest review elsewhere. That is a well-tested and legitimate auto-trading software that provides real results.

There is no such person as Edward Robinson, like everything else in this scam, he is a fake identity, even the Orion Code company he is apparently CEO of is remarkable only for the fact there is no record of it anywhere at all. Any company that has made over $1 Billion leaves a footprint, of that you can be sure.

One of the more outrageous claims made by the Orion Code scam that really made this one of the worst cases we have ever looked at is the use of charity names and claims to be donating and helping people to provide legitimacy. Despite extensive searching, there are no records of Orion Code making donations to any of the named charities at all, so we hope you will join us in fighting this kind of rotten business and spread the word about the Orion Code. Do not let anyone else fall for this and lose their hard-earned money, let everyone know just what the Orion Code is, spread it far and wide on social media and anywhere else you can, it is all our duties to help others and stop these scammers in their tracks.

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